Taurus horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

Taurus horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

You are in perfect shape health wise
Taurus horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

Taurus horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

You are in perfect shape health wise

Taurus horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)


You are in perfect shape health wise. If you've been pondering for long over whether or not to take out your running shoes or initiate a bike work out, then now is the time to do so. Use jogging or biking to get fit, build stamina and make provision for more exhausting and stressful times. You should make much more of an effort to really recharge your batteries!

Working life

In your job there are positive outcomes to be had right now. You're able to stick to your view point and effortlessly convince your colleagues and your superiors about your preferred way of working. Currently any team you're responsible for turns out to be very successful because there is no competitive atmosphere to disrupt the implementation of your winning strategy.

Love and partnership

You're getting on very well with those you care about most and it appears you have a lot of positive influence on other people you meet as well. Even if from time to time, you and your lover seem to disagree, you're both able to easily find compromises. Make sure that the romantic side of your relationship is not being overlooked or even completely forgotten.

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Horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)
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You are in perfect shape health wise


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